Dear guests!

Slovenia is a tiny country situated between four countries - Italy, Austria, Hungary and Croatia.
One of its regions is Gorenjska which occupies northwestern part of the country. And there is Radovljica! A town in the local region also wellknown by the bee-keepers, writers and poets.
Siege wall dated back to middle age or a town moat which purposed to defend a town and its inhabitants from the invaders are some of the places of interest you have to see!
By the way Slovenia is a wine-growing land where three climatic regions stick together. And there is grapes! The result of all of these goods.



As many wine-growing regions you can get in Slovenia so much more wine-growers you are here to meet! Disconnecting gigantic wine cellars you are very welcome to visit our small and most of all very homely wine cellar with a licensed bar where you can taste a glass of a good wine and have a chat with the locals.



You are here to choose a bottle of a good Slovenian wine as a gift to take it to your friends! And mind for that: In each bottle you take - you take a bit of Slovenia! Sound poetic but it is true!
We welcome you to come and see us where you can taste and also buy many sorts of wine.
Please mind that groups are only available on request!
For further informations ask in your hotel, in turist agency or get in touch with us directly in our wine-shop “Sodček”:
+386(0)41 678 408.

We are looking forward of your visit.