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Prlekija, the landscape between the Mura and the Drava rivers, is a colourful world of wine banks, tranquil valleys and rolling fields.

The Kogl estate is situated on a slight rise above Veliko Nedelja, where the hill was first mentioned in 1542 as being covered with vineyards. It was owned by the teutonic knights from the time of the land expropriation in 1848, and then managed by wealthy landowning families in 1860. The mighty brick house at the top of the estate was built in 1820.

In the cellar, the wisdom of tradition is preserved with respect for tradition, with the help of more recent knowledge. The magic of the cellar space brings us into an atmosphere of passionate creativity and relaxed reflection. A solace for body and soul.

Young, fresh and lively; aged and refined; more or less sweet and dry; dominant or reserved; exuberant, luxurious, sometimes modest, … so different, yet always the same.

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