Širca - Kodrič
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Širca - Kodrič

The Širca-Kodrič estate is located in the Karst region, with 6ha of vineyards between the villages of Dutovlje and Tomaj.

The typical Karst soil of Terra rossa, the open air, plenty of sunshine and sufficient rainfall allow the vines to thrive very well in this area. All the vineyards are harvested by hand to preserve the quality of the grapes.

Another characteristic of the Karst region is that arable land is very scarce and scattered. The scattered cultivated land makes the work even more difficult, which makes the wines of the Karst all the more appreciated.

In 1992, the brothers-in-law Edvin Širca and Stane Kodrič joined forces and created the ŠIRCA-KODRIČ brand, which has impressed many with its wines. The whole family is involved in viticulture, with Martina and Mateja Kodrič playing a particularly important role.

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Širca - Kodrič