Emeran Reya

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Wine producer

Emeran Reya

The basic guidance for winemakers of the Reya family is that wine is formed in a vineyard. In further care, the wine maker must only allow the wine to express fully itself.

The Reya family lives in close association with the brda region for centuries – it was firstly mentioned as early as 1735, when the Austro-Hungarian emperor awarded them a noble title. The old father, Edward Rey, thus produced 8,000 liters of wine in 1930, which is a respectable amount for those times. Behind him, the son Emeran took over the estate and the love of wine-making, who brought new start to the farm with his wife Boža. They built a new wine cellar and introduced the use of modern technologies.

After the premature death of his father, in 2006, the farm was taken over by Edvard Reya, who, with the help of mother Boža, contiunes with the rich family tradition of the wine cellar

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Emeran Reya