Modri pinot

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The Prinčič estate is located in the Goriška Brda, more precisely in the village of Kozana. Their grapes are made precious by a special soft and airy soil, called marl, which is created by the disintegration of marl stones. From above Their grapes are enriched by a generous number of sun-filled days and the right measure of rain drops. The philosophy of the Prinčič homestead is rooted in a tradition of listening to nature and attending to every detail and changes in the nature around them.

Their symbol is a stylized tendril. The tendril is a vital part of the vine, it is a delicate, but unyieldingly persistent twig, constantly wanting to touch, to cling, for safety. The tendril is always reaching into the unknown, always circling and winding in its own orbit, just to give support and to enable the development of new life.

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