Puklavec Family Wines

The Puklavec family’s wine story began in 1934, when Martin Puklavec set out with a vision: to create the best wines together. His philosophy is still very much present in their work and is reflected in the core values of Puklavec Family Wines: passion, hard work and commitment to the highest quality.

Today, his granddaughters Tatjana and Kristina are fulfilling his vision in close cooperation with the surrounding winegrowers.

The exclusive Seven Numbers wines represent the unique heritage of the Puklavec family. Geographical location is key. The best vineyards, like the wines, are labelled with seven numbers. Understanding a location, its microclimate and the geology of its soil requires the dedication and knowledge of its experts.

And Seven Numbers wines prove that this is what can deliver exceptional results, as reflected in the reputation of our wines among connoisseurs.

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Puklavec Family Wines

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